Writing Contest: My First Entry

I actually read the fine print—the official rules & participation agreement— of the Flash Fiction Challenge 2019. And as I read it, nothing in the rules prevents me from sharing my story on my own blog. As the rules state, I still own the copyright.

I also learned by reading the fine print that I won’t find out how I did until midnight September 11. (The second challenge of Round 1 starts September 13).

The waiting is the worst part.

And I said I might share my story once Challenge 1 of the first round is closed. It closed last night at midnight EDT. So at least temporarily (I’m not sure how long I’ll leave this post up), I’ve decided to share my first entry to the NYCMidnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge 2019.

As a reminder, my assigned genre, location, and object were thriller, safe house, and fishing lure.

Title: Lingering Shadows
Synopsis: A hunted woman runs. Or is it merely a dream?

And if you can’t see the embedded document, check it out here.

All rights reserved. (Please see my Terms of Use for more information on copyright.)

Feel free to leave your thoughts on my story in the comments below. But any trolling, negative, or hateful comments will be deleted. And yes, there’s a difference between constructive feedback and negative comments.

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