Arts & Crafts Sunday

I love arts & crafts. Ever since childhood, I have always enjoyed doing crafty things—from popsicle stick houses and construction paper garland to cross-stitching and drawing. Arts have always been a large part of my life.

Even though I didn’t go into an art career, I still enjoy making arts & crafts. And Sundays tend to be my crafts day. Continue reading


Rainy Days and Mondays (or It’s a Great Day to Read)

Although technically it’s not raining here today, it might as well be. It rained most of the weekend, and today is damp, dreary, and cool.

And I’ve got a case of the Mondays. Continue reading


The Mystery of the Lone Shoe

I walk. A lot. I walk to work. I walk my dog. I walk to the store. And as I walk, I see all sorts of things—restaurants, new construction, shops, derelict buildings, historical sites, graveyards, churches, homes, yards, parks, cars going here, cars going there, people walking to and fro, and abandoned items. Continue reading


The Reasons Why (or Dating in My 40s)

After a relatively long hiatus, I’ve started dating again. And I’ve been having

The last time I actively dated was in my early/mid-30s. I went out with some great guys (one in particular who was fantastic), but we were in different places in life with different priorities. And life happened. I got busy focusing on my new career, I moved a couple times (which wasn’t conducive to building a relationship), and several years passed. Continue reading


6 Words About Words (or Introducing the New Word of the Day Post)

I have a fascination with words.


A word can convey one meaning or a thousand. Words change, evolve, even die. Word have a kind of power. Continue reading


Blogging Basics

A friend asked: Could you share some tips for those of us wanting to get into blogging? 

Absolutely! And here’s a fun fact: did you know that blog is a truncation of “web log?” A log on the web.

To start, I will say that the interwebs are full of information and advice on getting into blogging. Personally I found some of it helpful, some of it not so much. Some of it I agree with, some I don’t. This is my personal considerations, suggestions, and tips for starting up your own blog. (And if you blog, feel free to comment below with your tips and suggestions.) Just remember, there’s no one right way to blog. Continue reading


The End Is Where We Start From

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about beginnings and endings. And then this quote from the movie Hope Floats popped into my head. (Sometimes it weirds me out how my brain works, but I digress.)


Continue reading


Yes, I Can Cook (or Whole30 Round 3)

Despite the rumors, I can actually cook. Or really, I can follow a recipe. I just don’t like to cook. Since I’m single, I tend to do what I call “lazy eating”—sandwiches, take-out, frozen meals, more take-out. Anything that’s quick, easy, and requires no thought, but that also tends to be unhealthy and fattening. The Whole30 Program forces me inspires me to cook because I have to think about what I’m eating instead of lazy eating. And since I have to think about it, I have to plan in advance. And so I meal plan and buy real vegetables, fruit, and meats, not frozen and processed food. Continue reading


Welcome to 2018!

This week we began another new year—2018.

Two thousand eighteen. Twenty-eighteen.

Can you believe we are 18 years into the new millennium? I swear 1999 was just a couple years ago. Continue reading


It’s a Sad Day

I knew this day would eventually come. I thought I had more time. More time to consider my options on a replacement. I admit I looked at new ones at the Apple store a couple times, but I kept putting it off because he was trudging along, even though his pinwheel spun more and more.

But now, it’s happened. Continue reading