To wander is to move without direction, ramble without a definite purpose, or travel in an irregular course or direction.

Wandering describes my life as well as this blog. When I considered blogging again, I decided I didn’t want to constrain myself to a particular subject or theme. So like my life, I will wander around topics and thoughts.

And while I will wander around all sorts of topics from civics to dating, my main interests revolve around books, jigsaw puzzles, crafts, and travel. In particular, I love trying new crafts and learning new skills.

I also talk a lot about books and reading. I read a lot. Check out my Book Love page to see some of my fave book & book-related sites.

Who am I?

Earthling, female, geek, lawyer, reader, poet, gamer, puzzler, traveler, explorer, hiker, writer, crafter, student, daughter, friend . . . and now expat.

I spent two years living in Okinawa, Japan and had marvelous adventures despite the pandemic. I’m now back in the United States (at least for a while), living the commuter life in Washington, D.C.

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