Why WanderingLynn?

To wander is to move without direction, ramble without a definite purpose, or travel in an irregular course or direction.

Wandering describes my life as well as this blog. When I considered blogging again, I decided I didn’t want to constrain myself to a particular subject or theme. So like my life, I will wander around topics and thoughts.

Who am I?


Earthling, female, geek, lawyer, sociologist, reader, poet, yoga practitioner, video gamer, movie watcher, traveler, explorer, hiker, blog writer, animal advocate, environmentalist, student, daughter, friend.

Things I like: books, the ocean, animals (particularly my pets), travels, live music, good conversation, and a great gin & tonic.

That being said, I talk a lot about books and reading. I read a lot. Check out my Book Love page to see some of my fave book & book-related sites.


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