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My Review of The StoryGraph (Beta)

As a book nerd who’s on numerous bookish email newsletters and in numerous bookish groups, I often hear the buzz about some new app or a new website, and usually not too long after whatever it was has launched. Most recently, people have been buzzing about the The StoryGraph. I don’t always immediately check out…

Where I Try a Watercolor Kit from Let’s Make Art

I know, it’s been ages since I last posted. Life happened. Then happened some more. But now life has settled down a bit, so I’ll get back to posting more frequently. And I have a great “I’m back” post to kick off and celebrate summer.

A Year of Puzzles: Top 12 of 2021

I did my top 12 books of 2021 and now it’s time for my 2021 puzzle wrap-up! While I have been documenting my puzzles through photos on Instagram, I had not kept any kind of master list. Since my puzzle collection has expanded a bit a lot, I finally decided to catalog my puzzles, past…

Introverts Unite! … Separately In Your Own Homes

I am an introvert. Most people don’t realize that about me. I have no problem meeting new people. I enjoy spending time with friends. I can talk to strangers. I have what you would call “good social skills.” So when I tell people that I’m an introvert, the main response I get is “but you’re not…

A Year of Books: Top 12 of 2021

I think everyone can agree that 2021 was a weird year. In 2021, I read 165 books more or less. That number is, well, it’s a number. Is it accurate? Not exactly. Let me explain.