Welcome to 2018!

This week we began another new year—2018.

Two thousand eighteen. Twenty-eighteen.

Can you believe we are 18 years into the new millennium? I swear 1999 was just a couple years ago.

But really, at this point can I continue to refer to this millennium, the 2000s, as new? I mean, we are now 18 years into it. The second decade of the “new” millennium is almost over. Really, it’s more like gently used than new at this point. But I digress.

2017 turned out to be a pretty fantastic year for me. It definitely ended on a high note. And I have even higher hopes that 2018 will be epic. For one, I will soon turn 42, and every good galactic hitchhiker knows not only where her towel is, but that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

So with that, I kick off the new year with one of my favorite quotes by a phenomenal comedian/actress.


Even if you don’t know where life is taking you, enjoy the ride. It’s the journey that’s important.

Peace, love, & happiness for the new year.



How I Ended Up Here, Part 1 Side Note

I started writing about my journey a few days ago. I ended it at the point when I had just finished my graduate studies and had started down a path in my mid-twenties with a new M.B.A. in hand. In the narrative, I also shared a side note about one of my college mentors who had given me a bookmark with a quote on it.

Beyond stating that the quote still fits me, I didn’t give any explanation as to what the quote meant and continues to means to me. Hence, Part 1 Side Note. Continue reading