Moving Abroad, Part 2

First, I can’t believe I’ve been in Okinawa for a month. Of course, the first two weeks I spent in quarantine (otherwise known as restriction of movement or ROM). So I’ve only been free for two and a half weeks. And before I could do anything fun, COVID had to rear its ugly head again.

Okinawan sunset

If you haven’t heard (which I don’t know how since it was all over the American media), the Marine Corps in Okinawa has seen an outbreak in COVID cases. Not on my base, but two of the other bases here, which means we’re all back on restrictions.

I guess it makes sense. Summer is traditionally moving season for the DoD and moves have been ramping up. I’ve heard the DoD has 3 flights per week from Seattle to Japan (up from 1 flight per week) to meet the demand because the DoD had a travel ban until June 30. I had to get an exemption to travel before June 30.

And guess what. The increase in military travel to Japan coincided with the spike in COVID cases the U.S. So it only makes sense that some person (or maybe more than one) was infected, maybe asymptomatic.

Whatever the reason, COVID has once again caused me problems. But in a good-bad sort of way.

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