The Blah Grays

As I mentioned in the last post, I kicked off my writing this year making short, daily entries in my 2017 planner. Most days, I just notate the weather and my thoughts on it. Well today I noted that it’s the 4th consecutive day of dreary gray skies and rain—otherwise known as a Blah Gray day. (The added bonus of today are the high winds.)

If you don’t know what a blah gray day is, then you probably live on an island in the tropics where you see the sun 364 days of the year. And the other day really isn’t an entire day, but short spurts of rainy weather that are spread across the year. (And please tell me where you live because I would like to live there too.)

To clarify, I am not a sun-worshiper in the sense that I enjoy laying out in the sun and tanning. Nope. I am pale with freckles so the sun simply turns me lobster red. Not a good look. No, I just enjoy the sun. It makes me happy. And more importantly, I enjoy the warmth the sun provides. I hate cold. And when coupled with flat gray skies, I get grumpy.

I used to live in the LA area. I loved it because it was the rare day that I didn’t see the sun for at least a couple hours. Plus bonus mild climate and beach (need I say more). But here on the U.S. east coast, we get gray days, the worst of which are flat gray—meaning there’s no texture in the sky. No discernible clouds, just a blank gray slate stretching across the horizon.

I call this type of day the Blah Grays.

blah gray day.jpg
Today the sky has some slight cloud texture thanks to all the wind. But this is the view from my apartment right now.

If I could, I’d call in “Blah Gray” (as opposed to calling in sick ) to work. I’d put on my comfiest clothes and go into my blanket fort (or pillow fort if you prefer, or the best of both worlds, a blanket-pillow fort) that includes a comfy chair, a pile of my favorite books, and beds for my dog & cat. Then I’d have my robot assistant Rosie* (because as long as I’m making up my world, I need a robot assistant) bring me copious amounts of hot tea whilst I sat in my blanket-pillow fort and read.

Comfy chair, dog & cat beds, loads of books, tea pots … hrm, this is starting to sound a lot like my actual apartment minus the fort part (although I live in a small apartment that could be fort-like if I added more pillows) and the robot-assistant.

Anyway, today is yet another blah gray day and instead of sitting in my pillow-blanket fort in my comfies, I had to go into the office, wear business-appropriate clothes (i.e., not comfy), and sit under florescent lights without my favorite books. And whilst I do have tea at work, it’s not the same.

Needless to say, I spent a portion of today dreaming of books and pillow-blanket forts.


*as part of my wanderings, I now realise I will have to at some point explain my desire for a robot-assistant. But the moment, think of the Jetsons’ robot-maid Rosie. And if you don’t know what the Jetsons are, then you need to go away immediately.

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