“Go home, Mother Nature, you’re drunk.”*

*Quoting my friend Ann-Marie, who, upon seeing the spastic forecast earlier this week, posted this on facebook. I thought it quite appropriate … and funny.

This week, Mother Nature has cruelly taunted us (at least those of us in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.).

On Tuesday and Wednesday, here in the Washington, D.C. metro area, we experienced temperatures in the low 70s F, with the morning temps around 50°F. It was lovely, like being back in Southern California.

I lived in SoCal for a couple years and got spoiled by the moderate climate. The average winter high in Los Angeles is 67°F and the average low is 51°F. Even the summers were mild with average highs at 78°F and the lows around 62°F. The SoCal climate perfectly suited me (plus, the beach was right there!).

When I lived in LA, the question most people asked me is if I missed the change of the seasons. The answer was no. Net. Nein. Non. Nei. Nee.

I never missed cold, snowy days. I never missed having to wear wool socks, snow boots, hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, turtlenecks, heavy coats. I wore flip-flops year round and I loved it. I was perfectly happy to have a palm tree as my Christmas tree.

(And of course, the second most asked question was if I feared California falling off into the ocean when “the big one” hit. Again, the answer was no. But I digress.)

Back to this week.

So we had beautiful days on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got to take my dog on long walks. We walked at mile before I went to work, then another 2.5-3 after I got home from work. He was happy. I was happy. No coat, no scarf, no gloves or hat. Just lovely warm weather.

Then I woke up today.

Mother Nature having a good laugh at our expense.

At 7:00am, it was 35°F and the high today only will be 38°F ! What kind of weather forecast is that?! And then below freezing temps for the low tonight. (For those who don’t use the Fahrenheit scale, freezing occurs at 32°F.)

On top of it, it’s snowing. Not a lot and it’s not accumulating (it was too warm the last two days). But still. After two beautiful days, it’s snowing?!

It’s so wrong.

And yes, I know this cold weather won’t last. That spring is “just around the corner.” That it could be worse (for me, that’s lots of snow and day after day with temps at the freezing mark). But this is why I’m convinced Mother Nature enjoys taunting us.

It’s a cruel joke Mother Nature. So go home because you’re clearly drunk.

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