Review: A Girl’s Night In Box Subscription

I love box subscriptions. They allow you try to new, fun products without having to A) actually find products to try and B) invest a lot of money to do so. My new box subscription is A Girl’s Night In: “A perfect subscription box for the introverted woman” by Shereen Lehman.


[Note: I am an affiliate for A Girl’s Night In box. This means if you use my link to order the June 2017 box, I will receive a 10% commission, which goes toward paying for this blog. See my Terms of Use for more on affiliate links.]

So for those of you who don’t like videos, the review is below along with links to the box and the products. (And I’m new to doing videos, so please forgive my poor videography.)

I am impressed with the May 2017 box. It was packed full of goodies, so definitely worth the price. The price for a single full-sized box, which will have 7 products, is $39.95 + shipping. She also offers a mini box, which has 4 products, for $24.95 + shipping. If you do a subscription, either a 3-month prepay or 6-month prepay, you will save some money.

The box shipped on May 1 via USPS priority mail. So you can expect it to arrive within 3 days of shipping. And Shereen sends an email with the tracking. So it shipped on May 1, and I received it on May 3.

photo by Shereen Lehman

Now on to the important stuff. What’s in the box? In the May 2017 box:

1) Soulmate Socks by The Sock Lady – because life’s too short for matching socks. Made from recycled cotton in the U.S., these fun socks have a nice thickness to them. And while they don’t match, the colors nicely go together.

2) The Art of Tea – four bags, two of French Lemon Ginger and two of Egyptian Chamomile

3) DAGOBA Organic Chocolate – Rainforest Alliance certified, USDA organic, milk chocolate

4) Word search – over 250 themed puzzles. Nice sized book with pages that have a texture that feels that pen ink won’t bleed through. And who doesn’t love word searches?

5) The Book of Doubt by Tessa de Loo – Even though he is the son of a Dutch mother, Saeed has a Moroccan first name in memory of the virtuoso oud player his mother fell in love with twenty years ago. When she found out she was pregnant, he ran off and returned to Morocco. Saeed decides to look for his father, in the hope of finding a new identity in a new world.

Tessa de Loo is the pen name of Johanna Martina (Tineke) Duyvené de Wit, a Dutch author.

6) Seeds of Intention Cards by May You Know Joy – a box of cards with one intention on each card. A great way to start the day or a good intention to reflect on at the end of the day.

7) Tension Balm by Sincerely Different – a 0.5 oz tin, a mixture of oils to melt away your tensions, stress, or headaches. Has the slight scent of peppermint.

One of the nice things about this subscription box is you can choose whether you want a scented or unscented version. I can usually deal with most scents, so I opted for the scented box. If I had opted for unscented, I would have received the Derma Whipped Cream instead. So keep that in mind if you are scent sensitive, this box provides for that.

Bonus) While not a product, Shereen included a card with the good advice to unplug from your electronics for at least 30 minutes a day to reduce stress. And she also creates a monthly Spotify playlist (search for Shereen Lehman).

Overall, I’m pleased with this box and I’m looking forward to Friday night when I can relax with my tea, chocolate, and tension balm, do a word search or two, and read my new book!

So if this box sounds like it’s your cup of tea (see what I did there?), then go show Shereen some love and order the June 2017 A Girl’s Night In Box. You have until the 25th of the month to place your order.

Do you receive any subscription boxes? Tell me in the comments below.

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