This Is Not The Post I Planned To Do

It’s Monday. The rainy and cool weather of the past week or so has finally abated. We have a brief reprieve until the temperature jumps to ridiculously hot and humid.

And this is not the post I had planned to do today.

I originally had one about coloring books. But whilst writing it, I realized that a post about coloring books requires a lot of pictures to be effective. So I lost steam and haven’t finished editing the photos.

[And yes, I know that some consider “whilst” archaic. But it’s interesting to note that “while” was actually recorded in Old English and “whilst” came later. Besides, I like the sound of it and will continue using it, even if some writing authorities believe that whilst “reeks of pretension.”]

Then I thought of an alternative post I could do about journals and maybe have a giveaway. But I really need to set-up the mailing list in order to do that and I haven’t quite gotten around to doing that either.

Instead this post isn’t really a post and isn’t even close to what I had planned. Clearly procrastination is winning. So I leave you with a question instead:

What word do you use that may be considered archaic and/or isn’t with the current modern writing trend? Or what grammar rule do you not use? Or which author do you enjoy reading because they “breaks the rules?”

Tell me in the comments below.


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