6 Words About Words (or Introducing the New Word of the Day Post)

I have a fascination with words.


A word can convey one meaning or a thousand. Words change, evolve, even die. Word have a kind of power.

As a reader, words transport me to faraway places, give life to characters, and supply action and adventure all while I sit in the comfort of my home.

As a writer, words convey my thoughts, opinions, and even my life. And I often struggle to find the word to convey what I want and often get hung up searching for the exact word.

I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to words (and another one on writing).

So I thought Mondays would be a good day to share my love of words with a (quasi)regular post.


To start off this new series, I chose 6 words related to words.

  • logophile – a lover of words
  • wordster – a person who uses words, especially skillfully
  • epeolatry – the worship of words
  • sesquipedalian – given to or characterized by the use of long words
  • neologism – a newly coined word or expression
  • linguaphile – a language and word lover


What are your favorite words? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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