Au Revoir France, Hola Spain!

If you’ve been following my #BackpackEurope adventure, you know that I arrived in Caen, Normandy, France on Monday. (Catch up on my entries here and here.)

Today I say au revoir to France as I head across the border to Spain.* Continue reading


Vive Le France!

Welcome to Week 2 of the #BackpackEurope reading challenge. 


I’m starting week 2 in France. Bonjour!

Last week, as you know, I flew into Heathrow and started my journey in England with Wuthering Heights. Although not a book I ended up liking, I can at least now say I’ve read it. (And bonus, I can mark it off my #GARbingo board.)

And go give my friends over at The Reader’s Room some love for creating and hosting this fun literary adventure! Continue reading

#BackpackEurope: Week 1 Wrap-Up

On Monday, I started the Backpack Across Europe Summer 2018 Reading Challenge. This reading challenge, hosted by the awesome folks over at The Reader’s Room, is all about exploring Europe via literature.

The challenge has rules, special events, and travel obstacles making it like a virtual board game with reading. As you know, I opted to “fly”* into Heathrow on Monday and my literary journey started with English author Emily Brontë’s classic Wuthering Heights. Continue reading

SFFTBR Reading Challenge Starts Today

If you caught my last post, then you read about the 5 reading challenges I’m currently doing (or will be doing).

SFFTBR RC Day 1.jpg

Today starts the Science Fiction/Fantasy To Be Read Reading Challenge. It runs from today, July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019. Twelve months to complete this 50-book challenge.

I have a starting TBR of 50 books—and that’s just the ones I currently own.  (I know, I know!) As I went through the synopses, (yep, that’s correct. That’s the plural of synopsis. I checked.) I believe I’m missing a few categories. So I may be asking for recommendations in some of the categories.

I’ll be posting my #SFFTBR updates here, on Goodreads/Twitter (my Twitter account is connected to my GR account), and on Litsy (wanderinglynn). (Just look for the #SFFTBR hashtag.)

And if you’re so inclined & want to play along, then here are the categories (or here’s the handy-dandy SFFTBR Reading Challenge PDF version):

1 Longest Book on your TBR
2 Shortest Book on your TBR
3 Written by Person of Color
4 Written by straight, white male author (look close & critically on diversity)
5 Strong female lead & passes Bechdel test
6 Set in the future
7 Set in the past
8 Horror (or close equivalent)
9 Award-winning Fantasy
10 Award-winning SF
11 includes African mythology
12 includes Norse mythology
13 includes Asian mythology
14 includes LGBTQ+ relationship
15 YA novel not suited for (younger) teens
16 A sequel
17 Compared to the “Hunger Games”
18 Compared to “Game of Thrones”
19 includes a prophecy
20 Saving the world from evil
21 “…” of “…” Title
22 A book that was gifted to you
23 gorgeous cover
24 lowest rated on GR
25 can’t remember how much time has passed since you bought the book
26 love triangle
27 POV character dies or family member died
28 encountering an alien species
29 murder investigation
30 shows the worst of humanity
31 war or soldier story
32 short story
33 graphic novel
34 recommended by a litten
35 elves/orcs/dwarfs
36 space exploration
37 fairytale retelling
38 New York Times Bestseller
39 here be dragons
40 includes a map
41 children’s book
42 last in a series
43 beautifully written
44 one of Unbound World’s Top 100 Fantasy novels that you never heard about
45 steampunk
46 classic Fantasy/SF
47 your choice
48 your choice
49 your choice
50 your choice

Tell me in the comments below if you plan on playing along. And share your recommendations for any of the categories too!

Happy Reading!