Backpacking Across Europe (In The Literary Sense): Day 1

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about all the reading challenges I am doing. Yesterday started the #SFFTBR reading challenge and today starts the Backpack Across Europe Reading Challenge!


The 2018 #BackpackEurope summer reading challenge is hosted by The Reader’s Room. JenP and the BookwormM have created an incredible virtual board-game-esque reading event that starts today, July 2, and ends on September 30. The goal is to read a minimum of 4 books that are either set in a European local or written by a European author. The catch is, and this is where the board gameness comes in, is that you have move like you would if you were really in Europe backpacking! (See how to play and the rules here.)

As you can see from the photo, I am prepared. I have my traveler’s notebook & my fave Uni-ball Signo pens, passport, EU money, good Merrill walking shoes, outlet converters my St. Jude marathon hat, clothes & other necessities (not shown or really included since this is a virtual trip), travel guides, backpack, and of course, what every good hitchhiker knows to never forget, my towel*. (Technically, I could’ve read HHGTTG since Douglas Adams in English, but I’ve only read it three dozen times, so . . . )

I opted to fly into Heathrow, London, UK. The first book I’m reading is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë*, a book set in England and written by an English author. (*The book is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.) How I avoided reading it in English Lit classes I’ll never know. But here we are.

This book also counts on my #GARbingo, so bonus!

Once I finish reading Wuthering Heights, then I plan to take the ferry to France. So my next book has to be either predominately set in France or be written by a French author. I’m considering The Count of Monte Cristo* (also a GAR book, but not on my bingo board).

But I can also get bonus points if I can draw a link between a book and a landmark. In France, the landmark is Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy. The link can be a quote, reference to a historical event, a character visits it, or other types of tie-in. So if anyone has any suggestions on a book that can be linked to Mont-Saint-Michel, please comment below, send me a messagetweet me, or let me know via Goodreads or Litsy. 

And if you have any suggestions for any other country, please let me know! Particularly books that I can link to the following landmarks:

  • Alhambra, Spain
  • Parthenon, Greece
  • The Charles Bridge, Prague
  • La Grand-Place, Brussels
  • Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
  • The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
  • Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Buda Castle, Budapest

Keep up on my literary #BackpackEurope adventure updates here, on Goodreads/Twitter (my Twitter account is connected to my GR account), and on Litsy (wanderinglynn). Look for the #BackpackEurope hashtag.


*All Amazon links are affiliate links. Learn more about my affiliate links here. All other links are non-affiliate links and just link to the product page of some of my favorite things.

2 thoughts on “Backpacking Across Europe (In The Literary Sense): Day 1

    1. Thank you! This is one of the most creative and fun reading challenges I’ve ever seen. Thanks for all your work on it. I’m looking forward to traveling through Europe! 🙂

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