The Sketchbook Project: Phase 2

This is a mini update to my post from yesterday about my Sketchbook Project.

My sketchbook will be included in Volume 15, which has a deadline of February 1, 2020. In order to keep on track so my sketchbook will be complete by February 1, 2020, I posted a list of tasks.

Writing things down and then telling someone about it is a great way to stay accountable. Luckily, I have this blog and all of you lovely readers to keep me accountable.

(And really, please keep me accountable.)

For phase 1, I registered my sketchbook with the Sketchbook Project. That was super easy. I just had to enter the bar code number and register it with my name. The rest of the details (like a mini bio and a blurb about my sketchbook will be updated later.)

Easy peasy. Checked that off the list as soon as I finished yesterday’s blog post.

Phase 2 involved deciding on a theme for my sketchbook.

Now normally, I get really indecisive about these things. It’s weird because I make decisions all the time and am often decisive. But I have a hard time making decisions about art and creative endeavors. I even get indecisive about writing sometimes. (You should see the number of half-written blog posts. It’s also the reason why there’s sometimes large gaps of time in between posts.)

But this time, the theme just came to me.

Adventures in Seattle

I’m getting ready to move to the greater Seattle area. Next week in fact. Since I’ve never been there, I know I’m going to have a blast exploring the area and region. So many people have given me so many things to check out from breweries and restaurants to museums and hikes.

So I thought, what better way to document my upcoming adventures in Seattle than my sketchbook?

once I unpack the rest of my art supplies, I may add a bit

Not only will I be writing about my adventures exploring the Pacific Northwest in the year to come, but now I’ll be drawing some too and then posting some photos of my pages.

And if you have any suggestions for things to see or do, let me know.

Are you doing a journal or sketchbook this year? Share your theme and ideas in the comments below.

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