Happy National Puzzle Day

Today is National Puzzle Day.

Seattle City Skyline by Eurographics

And although I’m a bit late in the day in posting, I couldn’t let this day pass without saying Happy National Puzzle Day!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’m a huge puzzle aficionado.

The Witching Hour by Cobble Hill

I completed 49 puzzles in 2019, from 80 pieces to 1500 pieces.

I’d love to do a larger puzzle, 5,000 or even more. But right now I don’t have the space for such a large puzzle. So I stick to 1,000 and 1,500 piece puzzles.

I prefer puzzles with an extra challenge, like all the black in The Witching Hour, or have a beautiful graphic or are colorful.

While the majority of the puzzles I’ve done are the tradition rectangle-shaped, I’ve worked some shaped puzzles including round, Christmas tree-shaped, and house-shaped.

As far as brands, some of my favorites are Cobble Hill, Eurographics, Buffalo Games, Ravensburger, Gibsons, SunsOut, Master Pieces, and Schmidt. There are a lot of great puzzle companies—I discover new (to me) ones all the time.

Although, I admit, I have tried one or two brands that I didn’t like. The main problem—the pieces didn’t stay together. I’d put one piece in and another would pop out. Frustrating at the least. Luckily, most of the puzzles I’ve done have been great.

Like books, I find new ones by following and talking to fellow puzzlers. I also find new ones from one of my favorite puzzle stores, Puzzle Warehouse.

Puzzle Warehouse store in STL

I love Puzzle Warehouse, the largest puzzle store in the U.S.

And I believe it!

I made a point to stop at their brick-and-mortar store in St. Louis, Missouri, on my cross-country drive last February. And it was ah-mazing!

I’m also a Puzzle Warehouse Puzzle of the Month Subscriber. I get one 1,000-piece puzzle sent to me every month. It’s like Christmas every month!

Plus, Puzzle Warehouse not only has an awesome selection of puzzles of all sizes, they have great customer service.

In addition to just being fun, you can reap many benefits from working jigsaw puzzles. Benefits like improved memory, better problem-solving skills, increased visual-spatial recognition, and lower stress levels.

Working puzzles are also great for children. Toddlers benefit from improved hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. Older children can see improved fine motor coordination, boosts to self-esteem, and increased cognitive skills.

Plus, jigsaw puzzles make for great family time.

So go and work a jigsaw puzzle and celebrate National Puzzle Day!

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