An Epic Fantasy Adventure

You stand on a beach at the edge of a forest. Behind you, a vast lake but no boat. You can’t remember what happened or how you ended up on the beach.

To your left, the beach slopes up to a rocky cliff where a ruined tower sits. To your right, you see a cave with a sign warning of ogres. In front of you, a dark forest path. You have a small, rusty sword, a bottle with an unknown potion, and a walking stick.

Which way do you go?

Despite the stay-at-home order, April flew by. Between telework, writing, reading poetry, and jigsaw puzzling, I stayed pretty busy throughout April. So it completely slipped my mind that Wyrd and Wonder starts today!

But what is Wyrd and Wonder you may be asking. Wyrd and Wonder is an annual fantasy blogstraganza hosted by One More, Dear Geek Place, and Jorie Loves A Story. This is a celebration of all things fantasy!

I have long loved fantasy adventures, always preferring epic adventures in made-up worlds to reality. From choose-your-own-adventures to space pirates to magic and swords, fantasy adventures have always been my go-to whether it be books, movies, or games. So what better way to celebrate my love of fantasy than a month-long blogstraganza of Wyrd and Wonder!

Throughout the month of May, I’ll be posting about:

  • my favorite fantasy books, movies, and video games
  • my fantasy TBR
  • fantasy book releases I’m super excited for
  • best fantasy creatures, heroes, and villains
  • all about fantasy maps and worlds
  • why fantasy is my favorite genre and what I look for in a good fantasy
  • and so much more

Seriously, I have so many ideas for posts. I could literally post every day.

It’s going to be fantastical!

If you also love fantasy, whether it be books, movies, games or whatever, and have a blog, then it’s not too late to sign up. Head over to One More for the Wyrd and Wonder sign-up link. And check out the over 60 bloggers who will be posting about all things fantasy all month long!

Then stop back here tomorrow for my first Wyrd and Wonder post on my fantasy TBR for May.

8 thoughts on “An Epic Fantasy Adventure

  1. Awesome you’re joining in. I just love how laid-back this event is: You do whatever you want to share your love of fantasy. I’m joining in as well but other than reading fantasy books, I’m not yet sure what else I’ll do.

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    1. We’re just as happy to hear you say this – as this is what we wanted when we first conceived of the idea for #WyrdAndWonder – how it would become this relaxed bookish & geeky fest celebrating a genre interest which can also cross-apply into other areas of where Fantasy can be celebrated. We’re thankful to have you and seeing what you develop as time shifts forward!

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  2. Hallo, Hallo Lynn,

    Loved the positive s/o about #WyrdAndWonder – especially as your enthused start to the event is helping me ease into it as well! I’m coming off a migraine and a bad attack of Spring allergies – however, despite that small hiccup at the start, I love being able to visit with the bloggers taking part in the event and seeing what their plans are as the even moves forward. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this as well over the weekend, whilst getting caught up with the news & announcements everyone is making on their respective bookish niches online! Thanks for the wonderful Intro into what we can expect on your blog.

    I’m especially curious about your top favourite Fantasy creatures as that is a topic I’ll be exploring myself throughout May! (hint: there are #dragons)

    PS: You might want to update your Twitter link on your sidebar? It links to someone else.

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    1. Thanks! I’m super excited about #WyrdAndWonder. I hope you’re feeling better. I too have allergies and had a couple migraines the past couple weeks, so I empathize with your pain. The fantasy creature post should be a lot of fun. And thanks for the notice!

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      1. Sadly, last year’s #WyrdAndWonder struck me down with 5x migraines in May; I was hoping to not have a repeat event – also, despite having chronic migraines, this was my first year where I was noticing they were starting to abate in frequency; not to have a full supernova migraine until APR is really rare for me but evenso, it was sombering because of last year; I’m hoping I can ride this May out without the stress of my health but if it has to walk alongside me again, I’m still going to get my #WyrdAndWonder groove on!

        Sadly, there just isn’t a way round seasonal allergies – I wish there were and I appreciate the fact you understand both afflictions. Here’s to having a wicked good event for us both!

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