Unboxing the April OwlCrate

Full Moon Magic

This month’s OwlCrate Theme is Full Moon Magic, which fits perfectly with Wyrd and Wonder.

I love it when things work out like that.

And without further ado . . .

The Unboxing

A Quick Summary

My favorite item, once again, is the enamel pin. Moons and owls. It’s a lovely addition to my collection.

And the jigsaw puzzle. First, Remus Lupin is one of my favorite HP characters. I mean how can you not love him?

Second, OwlCrate had me at jigsaw puzzle. The artwork is stunning. I can’t wait to put it together.

The Special Edition Book

By Kathryn Purdie, Bone Crier’s Moon is a reimagining of Les Dames Blanches, French folklore that women in white kill men who refuse to dance with them on bridges. In the book, these bone criers are part of a matriarchal society that performs certain rituals according to the phases of the moon.

The OwlCrate edition with the blue cover and gold edging is so stunning.

I mean, compare the OwlCrate special edition to the regular book. The blue color, the larger artwork

No comparison! And the book itself sounds like an interesting read.

The May Box Preview

The theme of the May box is Rebels With A Cause. This box will include a graphic novel from Oni Press, plus a special edition book. So I’m excited to see what the GN will be.

Now OwlCrate already has sold out the May box. But you can join the wait list.

What I recommend is going ahead and subscribing to ensure you get on the list for June.

The Subscription Deets

A one-month subscription costs $29.99. One hardback book (purchased through your local indie bookstore) can cost about that much. So this is definitely a deal. You get a slight price break if you do a 3-month or 6-month prepay subscription. Since I’ll be moving overseas at soon, I opted for month-to-month.

Plus, if you have kiddos, there is an OwlCrate Jr. version. The May OC Jr. box theme is Elements & Alchemy.

If you like what you saw and want to try out OwlCrate or OwlCrate Jr., please use my referral link. I earn a free box for every 3 people who sign-up using my referral link.

What subscription boxes to you like? Tell me your faves in the comments below.

* The Amazon, Bookshop, and OwlCrate links are affiliate links. See my Terms for more info on affiliate links.

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