Forgetfulness to Serendipitous

Sometimes I feel like the absent minded professor. My head’s in the clouds, or in a book, and I walk off leaving something behind. If my head wasn’t attached, I’d probably forget it.

Okay, well I probably wouldn’t forget my head, but maybe an arm.

Today I’m in Kyoto on a mini vacation. I started out early to beat the crowds. As I closed my hotel room door, I felt like I had forgotten something.

I knew I had my room key, phone, and yen, so I shook off the feeling and headed to the train station.

On the station platform waiting for the train, I had the feeling again that I had forgotten something but could not think of what it could be.

Japanese properly queue for the train.

I arrived at my first destination and proceeded to do the tourist thing. (I’ll post about my adventures in Kyoto next week.) I continued on and got about 3 hours into my day when I saw my phone battery was approximately 30%.

I opened my day pack to find my external battery. That’s when I realized what I forgot. I had even made a point of charging it last night and then putting it and the cords in a zip pouch . . .

. . . which I left sitting on the hotel bed.

Doh, did I feel stupid.

I made it to the next stop, toured it, then used what little battery I had left to navigate to the nearest train station. I had to go back to my hotel. I hadn’t brought my actual camera (because I can’t find its battery either). I was relying on my phone. Not only as a camera but for navigation.

I arrived back at the Kyoto station, grabbed a to go lunch, and headed to the hotel. I decided to take a short break while I let my phone charge a little.

While I was in my room, it started to rain.

Luckily, I packed my raincoat even though the forecast had predicted good weather all weekend. But at the last minute, I crammed it in my suitcase.

Just in case.

me happy & dry in my raincoat

So my forgetfulness (that had made me feel stupid at the time) turned out to be serendipitous.

And maybe, just maybe, a little luck of the Irish. Because I also made it into three main tourist areas before the big crowds hit. No line at the ticket counters when I arrived but there were lines when I left. And I happened to go into a tea shop for a break right before it started pouring the rain for the second time.

tea time saved me from another rain shower

Serendipity indeed.

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