March On

Sometimes I write the post and then I have to think about what the title should be. Other times, a title will pop into my head, and then I have to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

This is one of the latter times. This title, March On, popped into my head the other day when I was walking. I often have some of my best thoughts when I’m outside walking. Fresh air and sunshine combined with my heart pumping often spur my brain into action. (Seriously, the power of walking to think is a real thing.) The downside is that I’m walking. I never have pen or paper with me. Nothing convenient to write down what I am sure are rather brilliant thoughts.

I really should plan better and maybe get a small fanny sack to carry a pen and paper.

But I digress.

March on came to me a couple of days ago while walking. I was walking by the seawall enjoying the warm spring wind and sun. And March on popped right into my head, almost like the wind whispered in my ear. And maybe it did. Maybe the universe was speaking to me. I like to think so.

March on. I like that it can have, does have multiple meanings. Because why should I limit myself?

March on . . . basic encouragement to keep on walking.

March on . . . a reminder that another month is quickly passing by.

March on . . . to keep making solid progress on my goals.

March on . . . an assuage to move forward despite being spirit weary.

March on can encompass any of these meanings or all of these meanings. And maybe something more than these meanings.

Sometimes the message we hear on the wind is the one we need but don’t always listen to. Whether it’s the universe speaking to us or nature or our own inner voice. Wherever it comes from, sometimes it’s the message we need. Sometimes it’s a gentle reminder that we need a moment to take a beat and just breathe.

There has been a lot going on in the world the last few weeks. And that’s on top of the two years we’ve all struggled through a pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I am weary. Not physically tired but that soul-deep exhaustion that comes from an endless cycle of trying to navigate through the unknown for far too long.

So this week, I’ve been listening to my inner voice. March on by taking a breath. Blocking out the static. Celebrating the milestones (even if it’s only incremental wins). Reminding myself to be in the now. And simply taking a moment to allow my weary spirit to rest.

And you know what, it has helped.

March on indeed.

And so my wish for you is that you too can march on to take a moment to let go and breathe and appreciate the now.

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