Why Did I Think This Was a Good Idea?

Competing against other people has never really motivated me. But competing against myself? Yes, please! I love to challenge myself to do more, to go further (read more books – HA!).

In September, I challenged myself to walk at least 3 miles every day. And I did it! And then kept walking all through October and November.

This year, I’ve challenged myself, as I wrote about in my ongoing TBR saga (and again here), to read nearly 200 books (that I already own) before I buy another new one.

In addition to my self-imposed reading challenge quest, I also said I was challenging myself to get back into some sort of regular fitness schedule. I stated that I was going to rotate walking with rowing, swimming, and yoga. (On 1 January, I really did write that was going to do this.)

But before I knew it, I was looking at the last weekend of January and I realized that my intended fitness schedule fizzled before it had even begun.


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Challenge Accepted

I love challenges. Reading challenges, puzzle challenges, fitness challenges. I’m not motivated to compete against other people. For me, it’s all about competing against myself. Can I read more than I did last time? Can I put together more puzzles? Can I lift heavier weight? Can I go further, faster?

For me, when it comes to competing against myself, I will nearly always say Challenge Accepted.

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Learning to Meditate

About three or so weeks ago, social distancing and telework started here in Washington state. As the first state with a confirmed COVID-19 case, I figured the situation would get worse before it got better. (And sadly that is what’s happening.)

So when I started teleworking three weeks ago, I decided I needed to focus on a new project, something to keep my mind active in a positive way.

Enter meditation.

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Mental Health PSA


This week, we’ve seen news of two rather high profile celebrity deaths from suicide. A recent CDC report found that suicides nationwide have increased by 30% since 1999. This news is concerning. But this post isn’t about that. This post is about you.

If you are in crisis,  please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If you are thinking about suicide, if you are worried about a friend or loved one or would like emotional support, please call, text, or chat one of the resources below.


United States:

If you or someone you know is currently in danger, please dial 911 immediately.

For international resources, please use the PostSecret Community’s International Suicide Prevention Wiki to find resources in your region/country.


Yes, I Can Cook (or Whole30 Round 3)

Despite the rumors, I can actually cook. Or really, I can follow a recipe. I just don’t like to cook. Since I’m single, I tend to do what I call “lazy eating”—sandwiches, take-out, frozen meals, more take-out. Anything that’s quick, easy, and requires no thought, but that also tends to be unhealthy and fattening. The Whole30 Program forces me inspires me to cook because I have to think about what I’m eating instead of lazy eating. And since I have to think about it, I have to plan in advance. And so I meal plan and buy real vegetables, fruit, and meats, not frozen and processed food. Continue reading “Yes, I Can Cook (or Whole30 Round 3)”

I’m About to Begin Whole30: Round 2

In July/August, I participated in a Whole30 challenge (read about it here and here). I had good success (numbers went down) and I definitely felt better. So when Composition ID announced Whole30 Round 2, I immediately signed up.

Round 2 will commence this Sunday, October 22 and go through Monday, November 20. 30 days of focused eating. Like last time, you get a before and after DEXA scan. So I went this past Saturday for my Round 2 “before” DEXA scan.

My before scan showed that since the end of Round 1, I have gained a few pounds. But . . . the pounds I gained were all lean muscle mass.

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Moving Forward & Succeeding Together (or Join Me & Let’s Do This!)

I have (once again) made a commitment to focus on my health. Like many people, I get energized to work out/eat healthy and start off with a bang by jumping back in the gym and planning carefully selected meals. Then a few months go by, my commitment wanes, and then once again, I begin to eat out more and more and find excuses to avoid the gym. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes I lose focus. Many times it’s because I’ve gotten frustrated.

It happens. And it happens to us all.

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