It’s Over . . . For Now

Relief. At least for now.

After 35 days of enormous stress, I feel a bit like a mack truck has run over me. It has been an incredible amount of stress to endure, sitting, waiting, watching, counting every penny to try to make it last.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me catch you up.

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An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell & All of Congress

Dear Senate Majority Leader McConnell,

I am just one of 800,000 faceless furloughed federal government employees being used as a pawn in this shutdown power struggle. And although I don’t expect you to ever read this, I felt compelled to speak because as an American, I have that freedom.

And I won’t bore you with my shutdown story because it’s clear the (increasing) hardships faced by those of us furloughed have no impact on you. If any of those Christian values you all love to preach actually meant anything, then the numerous heartbreaking shutdown stories I’ve been reading would have pushed you to reopen the government weeks ago.

No, I won’t bore you with my personal story of hardship.

Instead, I’d like to point out how you are misguided in thinking that throwing money to build a wall will solve anything.

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A Strange Place to Have This Conversation

Like many urbanites, I live in an apartment in a medium-sized multi-unit building. My particular building has 7 floors and about 46 apartments per floor. This type of living necessitates certain adaptations. For instance, when you open the door to go out, you never know who also might be out in the hall and so one doesn’t tend to open the door when one isn’t dressed.

window view.jpg

View from my window (through the screen) of the South building.

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Over Categorizing (Or Why Toy Companies Should Ditch Gender Labels)

I love to organize and categorize. I routinely organize my collections of my books, music, and coin collection. I have categorized my books by genre, color, alphabetically (by title or author, sometimes both). I get giddy at organizing. I cannot go into the Container Store unsupervised—it’s worse than me going unsupervised into a bookstore.

So I am all for organizing by category. Categorizing items makes finding them easier. But I can tell you that there is such a thing as over-categorizing.

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