It’s a Sad Day

I knew this day would eventually come. I thought I had more time. More time to consider my options on a replacement. I admit I looked at new ones at the Apple store a couple times, but I kept putting it off because he was trudging along, even though his pinwheel spun more and more.

But now, it’s happened.

George is dead.

There was an update the other day. So I walked away to let him do his thing. He was supposed to reboot, but when I tried to get him to wake, nothing.

Then I pushed his power button. Still nothing.

Then I tried power cycling the power strip. George just sat there with only a sad, black, blank screen.

So after 6.5 years and two novels, countless documents, resumes, job searches, iphone syncs, web browsing, photo editing, and blogging, I must say goodbye to George.

May you be recycled into numerous fun things.




The Naming of Things

You might have noticed that I tend to name inanimate objects. I have previously mentioned Frank, my FitbBit, in this post, and in this other post, I mentioned George, my beloved iMac, Sunny the wireless router (the network’s name is actually Sunnydale2Neptune – bonus points if you get the references), and Wilberforce, my work laptop (he’s a PC, not a Mac).

Up until recently, I never used their names in front of anyone. I thought I was weird (which is true) and felt that other people probably wouldn’t understand. I mean, hey, I know I’m quirky. I have a hard enough time finding people who truly “get” me, so I didn’t want to add to the challenge.

So for years, I simply called my things by name in the privacy of my own home (or car). Continue reading