Today’s Song: Lost On You by LP

Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve studied voice, piano, flute, and a little guitar. (And one of these days, I want to will take cello lessons.) I use music as therapy, as motivation, as a way to communicate. If I’m not listening to music, there’s still a song playing in my head. I have an internal jukebox.

While I have my fave music genres, artists, and songs, I love to discover new artists. And even better if I can hear them live,. (Although I prefer small, intimate settings over the large arenas.)

A few weeks ago while channel surfing the radio, I came across this song, Lost On You. It has such a great beat—an almost bluesy tune that also seems to have a bit of a haunting sound. Her voice strikes an emotional vibe that I find is rare. Needless to say, the song stuck with me.

I found out the artist, LP (Laura Pergolizzi), has been a successful songwriter for some time, writing for some of the biggest names in music, including Cher,  Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Joe Walsh, and more. I can see why she’s had success. But oddly enough, her music, particularly this song, has had more success in Europe than the U.S.

Then I heard the song again and keyed into the lyrics. They spoke to me. I connected to her lyrical poetry. So I went and bought the album on iTunes. And so I’m sharing my love of this song with you in hopes of introducing new artists to you.*

Take a listen for yourself:

If you also like this song or this artist, why not show the artist some love & purchase this song (or album) too?*

And please feel free to leave music recommendations for me in the comments below.

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