A Crazy Step-Filled Week

This has been a rather crazy week. It was Monday, then I turned around and it’s Friday already.

Happy Friday!

As a result, I have slacked on posting this week. I could blame part of that on work. But while I may have been a bit busier than normal, that doesn’t excuse evenings and early morning writing.

What really happened was FitBit. More specifically, a FitBit workweek hustle challenge.

IMG_8022For those of you not familiar with FitBit, in addition to tracking your steps, you can also use the app to challenge yourself or your FitBit friends to various step goals. For completing a challenge, you get a FitBit badge or trophy, and, if competing against others, bragging rights.

The workweek hustle allows you to challenge up to 10 people to see who can get the most steps in a week. And you get a trophy for hitting your goal each day, a trophy for beating your previous best, and of course, a trophy for winning.

This was the second week I participated in a workweek hustle. Last week, my friend AM invited me to join, but not until Wednesday. So while I had over 10K steps on Monday and Tuesday, I clearly didn’t rise to the level of this workweek hustle group and I was toasted by AM and her sister who is a step ninja. But this week, this week I had

But this week, I got in the challenge first thing. And this week I had motivation.

This week I have CRUSHED my step goals, resulting in an 8,300 step lead for 1st place.

That’s right, I am the step ninja this week! (Luckily Sunday doesn’t count in the workweek hustle. But don’t judge me, it was super cold that day.)

Needless to say, today I am focused on keeping my lead. My daily step average prior to this week was 11,000 steps a day. This week, my daily average has risen to 13,200 steps a day.

Friendly competition works as a motivator.

And the bragging rights don’t hurt either.

Do you use FitBit? Have you done a challenge? How has it motivated you to walk more? Tell me in the comments below.

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