Have You Heard About PageHabit?

I receive newsletters from several of my favorite modern authors. I got one today from one such fave author and in it, he gave his newsletter subscribers a heads’ up that he is doing a limited run of an annotated edition of one of his new books via PageHabit.


PageHabit is a subscription boxthat each months sends you a new release book with exclusive author insight, written annotations, and other bookish goodies. PageHabit also makes it nice by having multiple boxes to choose from. Boxes are genre specific, so you know you’ll get a book you’ll mostly likely enjoy.

For the monthly box, you can choose from literary fiction, mystery, fantasy, young adult fiction, romance, horror, historical fiction, or science fiction. Then they also offer quarterly boxes for literary fiction, young adult fiction, and cookbooks.

Who doesn’t love booknerd boxes?!?

So when I read his newsletter that the October fantasy box will contain a limited run annotated edition, I immediately signed up because I know that I will love the October fantasy box. (And then I can cancel after October if I so choose.)

Now, I’m not saying which author because he asked us to keep it a secret as he wanted to give his newsletter peeps a heads’ up. But if you’ve paid attention, you know 3 things: (1) it’s a he because English has no gender-neutral pronouns (and I refuse to use plural pronouns when speaking of 1 person); (2) he has a newsletter (and it arrived in my email today); and (3) the genre is fantasy.

Granted, that still leaves a lot of options. But it may give you some idea.

Either way, I’m still super stoked on learning about PageHabit. And if you sign up for 1 box, you can sign up for a second one at a discount. So of course I also opted for the Science Fiction box too.

Because who doesn’t love to learn those extra things the author considered or thought about?


Please note, if you click my link to PageHabit, I will get the referral credit. Once you sign up, you can also get a referral link and earn referral credit. Plus, you’re getting awesome annotated books and bookish goodies. It’s a win-win.

Plus, PageHabit supports children’s literacy. Each month, they partner with a different literacy organization around the world to support building libraries and other community-type centers to ensure that every child has access to books.

So it’s really a win-win-win for booknerds—get a book (annotated) and support literacy!

And check back here because after I receive my October boxes, I’ll do a review of them.

Do you have a PageHabit subscription or another booknerd box subscription? Tell me about your booknerd box subscription(s) in the comments.

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