Arts & Crafts Sunday

I love arts & crafts. Ever since childhood, I have always enjoyed doing crafty things—from popsicle stick houses and construction paper garland to cross-stitching and drawing. Arts have always been a large part of my life.

Even though I didn’t go into an art career, I still enjoy making arts & crafts. And Sundays tend to be my crafts day.


The other evening when I was perusing the aisles at an arts & crafts store (stores almost as dangerous for me as bookstores), I found this neat little miniature bottle kit with a seashore theme.


I love miniatures and the ocean, and when I saw this kit, I had to have it. Plus, the kit seemed fairly easy to put together (i.e, wasn’t going to take a lot of time).

As you can see, the kit came with 4 miniature bottles with cork stoppers, a small bag of sand, twine, 8 mini seashells, 4 starfish charms, and a variety of small labels & decorative tags.

And of course, you can add other small items to the bottles if you prefer. I opted to stick with what was provided (although I may change it up later).

I’m sure these are for me.

As I took everything out of the box and set out all the pieces, TeddyCat suddenly became very interested. This is what I get for doing a craft sitting on the floor.

He had ignored me all morning as he had been much more interested in watching the birds out on the deck. But small things that he could potentially bat around, well, that’s a different story and ranks inspection.

Anyway, I used a gel pen on the labels, which as you might be able to see, smeared a bit on a couple of the outer labels. But I figured it might look like it had been sitting out in the salt sea air, so I left it even though the kit came with plenty of extra labels.

I opted to use different levels of sand in each bottle. One I nearly filled full of sand with no seashells. One with just a bit of sand with three seashells, and I split the remainder of the sand and seashells between the final two bottles.

IMG_0638 (1).jpg

In each bottle,  I have a label with a different phrase, all staying with the sea theme. Of course, the label in the bottle nearly full of sand you can’t really see unless you turn the bottle.

Then I added a decorative tag, a label, and a starfish charm, attached with the twine, to each bottle.

I found the hardest part of the whole project was threading the twine through the label & tag holes. Twine isn’t the easiest to work with as it wanted to split and not go through the small label holes.

The good news was I had plenty of twine and labels left over. So no worries if I had made a mistake. I get that twine was chosen for the kit because it’s associated with the sea and sailing, but I may change it later to regular cotton string just because the twine frays too easily.

I think the final result is super cute and looks great on my bookshelf with the rest of my miniatures.


Share your recent craft projects in the comments below. What kind of crafts do you enjoy doing?




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