I Should Be . . .

Ever have days where you “should be” doing something? And probably something “productive”? But instead, you engage in, well, nothing.

Then you read these articles about what successful people, like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Bill Gates, do before 7am. And you feel like a complete failure because you struggled just to get up and put pants on today. (And when you realize it’s Saturday, you grab the yoga pants instead.)

Ever feel like this?

That was my day yesterday.

Some of the things I should have been doing yesterday:

  • writing. I started a new story and I have a backlog of blog posts to finish.
  • reading because I’ve again fallen behind on my reading challenge.
  • cleaning & doing the other household chores.
  • exercising (because just wearing yoga pants sadly doesn’t count).
  • grocery shopping and then preparing my healthy, whole foods.

And there’s probably a number of other things I should have been doing yesterday.

But the fact is I didn’t. I didn’t do anything on the list. I did nothing “productive”. Instead, I set aside the to-do list, forgot the chores, and ignored that little voice in my head that tried to guilt me for ignoring the list and chores. (And guess what? The list and chores are still here today.)

I did a lot of nothing yesterday. But you know what? I enjoyed every minute of it.

So who cares what super successful people do each day before breakfast? It doesn’t make me a failure because I took a day and did absolutely nothing. I will not beat myself up for being “non-productive” yesterday.

I admit. I did nothing yesterday and it really was everything I thought it could be.

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