Where I Try A Watercolor Kit, Part 2

Last weekend, I started the Rainbow Elephant watercolor kit from Let’s Make Art*. (See part 1 here.)

This weekend, I finished my elephant. Here’s how I did.

When I last left off, I had traced the elephant onto the watercolor paper and did the blue wash and a bit of the shading on the elephant.

I admit, I was a bit wary at this point of how it was going to turn out. But I decided to go ahead and complete it.

But without further ado, here’s Part 2 where I finish the Rainbow Elephant.

The tutorial video by Let’s Make Art (LMA) was helpful. But I don’t believe I’ll ever “paint along” with a LMA live video. I had to pause the video and even rewind it several times to make sure I got what she was doing as she painted pretty fast.

I’m definitely glad the kit came with 2 sheets of paper. I’m not super happy with the way the rainbow water spray turned out. That is a watercolor technique that I need more practice. So I will use the second sheet to try the elephant again to see if I can’t get the spray to look a bit more like water spraying and not like a magician’s ribbon.

And in case you didn’t watch the 2:50 minute video, this is the final product:

If you’ve never worked with watercolor at all, you may want to get a beginner’s book. I didn’t think she did a good job of explaining how to work with watercolors. In fairness, LMA may have a video tutorial on watercolor basics, but I didn’t look for one since I have used watercolors before. But if you’ve never used watercolors, I recommend either finding a beginner watercolor basics video or check out a book. Some good watercolor beginner books include:

My final thoughts on LMA

I will definitely try LMA again. I had a lot of fun and I’m overall happy with the way my elephant turned out. I’m looking forward to attempting Sunset Mountains. But I’ll probably stick to ordering individual kits instead of subscribing. Mainly because I don’t like all the designs and I prefer to pick and choose which ones I do. I may also try one of LMA’s hand lettering kits.

I recommend LMA to anyone looking to try watercolors. And if you do try Let’s Make Art, let me know what you think.

mine on top & the example postcard on bottom for comparison (note the difference in paper changes the colors)

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