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About Bookshop?

Bookshop.org is a new online bookstore (in fact it’s still a Beta version). They have “a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community.”

Basically, Bookshop is an easy, convenient way to support indie bookstores and get the books you want. Each time you make a purchase on Bookshop, a portion of the sales goes to indie bookstores.

Support local bookstores, shop Bookshop.org.

Plus, Bookshop promotes local bookstores. When you sign up for a customer account, Bookshop will email you about bookstores near you, including any events.

If you own an independent bookstore, you can sign-up your store to be an ABA affiliate, which means your bookstore can also get commissions on sales. (To see how it works, check out Bookshop’s About page.)

Since I’m a booknerd, I opened my own Wanderinglynn’s Corner Bookshop affiliate page. Not the most original store name, I grant you. But it is at least a small beginning of my dream to one day own my own brick-and-mortar bookshop.

What this means is if you use my link to shop for books, indie bookstores get supported by the sale and I will get a commission for being a book advocate. And I pledge my commission will be divided between paying for my blog’s hosting and the rest donated to local libraries.

It’s a win-win-win.
  • You get the books you want.
  • Indie bookstores get a share of all sales.
  • And I will donate a portion of my commissions to libraries.

My shop features my all-time favorite books and books I’ve recently read and enjoyed. Some recent releases, some older releases, and all excellent reads.

And as always, should you need a book recommendation, just ask! Leave a comment below or use my Contact form.

So go support indie bookstores and shop at Bookshop.org.

Happy Book Shopping!

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