Top 13 Puzzles of 2022

Despite moving and living without my puzzles or my puzzle table for over 4 months, I still had a good puzzle year.

I completed 58 puzzles from 21 puzzle companies. My smallest puzzle was 60 pieces, the largest 1500 pieces, and the majority were 1000 pieces. (I don’t currently have a table big enough for anything over 2000 pieces.)

That’s over 48,000 puzzle pieces!

I completed so many awesome puzzles this year, I had a hard time narrowing it down. I had as many as 25 puzzles picked out until I realized that was almost half of my yearly total. But I finally narrowed it down to 13. To see more, check out my Instagram, where I post puzzles, books, adventures, and more.

In no particular order, my Top 13 Puzzles of 2022:

  1. The Haunted Castle, 500 pieces double sided by Flipsi Puzzles (check out my unboxing and reveal videos)
  2. Shells, 1000 pieces by Cloudberries
  3. Queen of the Stacks, 650 pieces by Galison
  4. The Library, 1000 pieces by New York Puzzle Co., Dream World series
  5. Night Flight, 1000 pieces by Pomegranate
  6. Mother Nature, 1000 pieces by New York Puzzle Co.
  7. Life in Lockdown, 1000 pieces by Falcon Contemporary
  8. Lake Wakana Tree, 1000 pieces by Clementoni
  9. Beach Vibes, 1000 pieces by Modern Puzzles
  10. Grand Prismatic Spring, New York Puzzle Co., National Geographic series
  11. Flamingo, 250 pieces by Micropuzzles
  12. Centrifuge, 1500 pieces by Buffalo
  13. Bird Paradise, 1000 pieces by Elena Essex

Which puzzle was your favorite? Share in the comments below.

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