Update on 2023 Reading Goals

In my 2023 Reading Goals post, I wrote that my main reading goal this year is to Read Off my Shelf.

Or rather shelves as in plural.

Okay, honestly, it’s 2 entire bookcases.

There, I admitted it!

Yes, I have 2 bookcases full of books just waiting to be read.

I finally went through and catalogued all my books. I have, give or take a book, 754 756 books in my house. I say give or take because it’s likely I missed one or two or five, because while the majority of my books are in one of 6 bookcases, I do have books stacked everywhere. Like pretty much on any available surface. Including the floor.

Out of the 756 I logged, 319 321 are TBR (to be read). I figure that less than half is not a bad radio of read-to-unread. Of course, I won’t mention how many of the 756 books involves multiple copies of the same book. (I’m not looking at you Good Omens (5) or Pride and Prejudice (4)). Hey, it’s not my fault that publishers make special editions or that the British versions have a different, and often more awesome, cover.

Anyway, on this fun year-long journey of trying to read off my shelf, I figured some accountability might help. Especially since I have pledged not to buy any new books until I clear 50 off my TBR shelf. (We all know I’ll fail at that, but it’s good to have goals.)

I’ve set up a separate page for the Read Off My Shelf Challenge so everyone can easily track my progress. As I read them, I’ll mark them off and add the date read.

Let’s see how many I can get through this year!

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