A Snapshot Memory: The Year Was 2008

14 years ago today, I was in NYC to attend a conference and had some time to explore. I was walking through Central Park headed to see something somewhere. (Now I can’t remember exactly where I was headed).

I had a regular digital camera at the time. This was before I owned a smartphone, as the first iPhone had just been released the year before. And if I remember, my camera, although digital, didn’t have a way to review the photos. It was only one step up from a 35MM camera. (I still miss film.)

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Over Categorizing (Or Why Toy Companies Should Ditch Gender Labels)

I love to organize and categorize. I routinely organize my collections of my books, music, and coin collection. I have categorized my books by genre, color, alphabetically (by title or author, sometimes both). I get giddy at organizing. I cannot go into the Container Store unsupervised—it’s worse than me going unsupervised into a bookstore.

So I am all for organizing by category. Categorizing items makes finding them easier. But I can tell you that there is such a thing as over-categorizing.

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