A Snapshot Memory: The Year Was 2008

14 years ago today, I was in NYC to attend a conference and had some time to explore. I was walking through Central Park headed to see something somewhere. (Now I can’t remember exactly where I was headed).

I had a regular digital camera at the time. This was before I owned a smartphone, as the first iPhone had just been released the year before. And if I remember, my camera, although digital, didn’t have a way to review the photos. It was only one step up from a 35MM camera. (I still miss film.)

On my walk through the park, I came across Strawberry Fields, a memorial to John Lennon. I decided to take a quick snapshot because Imagine is one of my favorite songs. But because this is a memorial to John Lennon, the area was fairly crowded.

NYC in the summer + John Lennon memorial = crowds.

I remember I walked around the memorial, trying to find a good shot. I finally found an opening in between people, bent down trying to get clear of people’s legs, snapped a quick shot, and kept walking to wherever I was headed. I had no idea if the photo would be clear or if I actually managed to avoid legs and arms and bags.

When I downloaded the photos, I was astonished. I couldn’t have planned a better photo. The flowers, the light, the little girl. To me, it was a perfect shot and to this day it remains one of my favorite photos.

This was the summer of 2008 and I was getting ready to start my second year of law school. I had plans, I had dreams. I thought I knew where I’d end up in 5- and 10-years. And I had no idea how wrong I would be!

While the last 14 years didn’t turn out as my 2008 self had planned, I couldn’t have imagined a more incredible journey. I have had some amazing adventures and befriended fantastic people. Yes, there have been tough times, tough decisions, and yet I wouldn’t trade it. I’ve traveled, I’ve moved, and I’ve had a lot of fun. And now, at the start of a new job in a new city, I am imagining what incredible experiences the next 14 years might bring.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one

John Lennon

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