We’re Back, Live & In Person

Okay, I admit, the title is just a (somewhat) catchy & fun way to say I survived moving. Huzzah!

In actuality, 2/3, or maybe 3/4, of that title is a lie. 

We’re not “live,” because this is a blog. I type, I edit, and then at some future point, the blog is published thanks to the magic that is WordPress.  Only once it’s published, then you can read it, but at that point, I’m already doing something else (probably reading a book).

“In person” could be considered true because I am physically present whilst typing this. But then, I’m not “live” when you’re reading this (see the “live” explanation above).

We’re not a “we” because it’s just me. But let’s be honest, “We’re Back” sounds much more exciting than “I’m Back.” So I call that one artistic license. Or on second thought, it could be a we if I count George (my Mac) and/or Sam (my Chromebook), without which this post could not have existed. Then again, George and Sam are inanimate objects and, based on the proper use of English language grammar, should not be associated with personal pronouns. On the other hand, many have noted that personal pronouns have limitations, and rules were made to be broken, so let’s call this a draw. (Otherwise this post could become a much longer philosophical discussion.)

So in conclusion, the only true part of the title is the “back” part.

If you hadn’t heard, I moved. I only moved about 4.5 miles, but still everything had to be boxed up and my cable company changed. (Yes, 4.5 miles is apparently all it takes to have to switch cable companies.) So I was without internet for a few days. Also I was surrounded by boxes (mostly of books), and then trying to re-organize my somewhat messy world. Now that there’s some sense of organization in my home, I’ll be back to more regular wandering posts about some random thoughts I’ve recently had and some great books I read the last couple weeks.

In the meantime, I hope your weather is as nice as D.C.’s has finally become. We have a brief reprieve from the rainy cool weather before the hot and humid weather hits. Today (and yesterday) is a bluebird sky day with just a few white puffy clouds & mid-80 degrees. I hated that I had to be inside working for most of the day, but I did at least get outside at lunch. I sat under a tree, reading my book, soaking in the warmth. It was lovely.




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