Catch WL on Social Media

If you enjoy (WL), check me out on these social media platforms:

Love books & bookish stuff & dogs, follow me on Twitter @wandering_lynn.

I tweet about literary contests and giveaways from publishing houses (e.g., Penguin Random House) and book sites (e.g., Read It Forward, Book Riot), book news, retweets of my fave authors, and just general geeky goodness with the occasional photo of my dog.

And if you let me know you’re following me (either contact me here or send me a Twitter DM), I’ll send you a shout-out or retweet your blog.

Not on Twitter? Then come pin with me on Pinterest. I have a WL board and boards on books, animals, words, writing, French, quotes, introverts, geek stuff, DIY & crafts, and more.

You can also find reposts of WL on Tumblr (providing that I finally got it set-up correctly), and the WL Tumblr also shows my Instagram feed.

At this point, I haven’t created a Facebook page for WL. I haven’t decided whether it would be worth the effort. I’m also considering a monthly newsletter that might have things like fave quotes, writing tips, more books/book reviews/book goodies, and other beyond-the-blog items.

What social media platforms do you like to use? Any others I should consider for WL? Share your thoughts in the comments below or send me a message with your thoughts.



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