Thoughts On the New Year (Or Why I Don’t Make Resolutions)

In the days leading up to and immediately preceding the New Year, everyone talks about making resolutions, choosing words of the year, or setting goals. For the past three days, I feel I’ve been bombard with questions like “What are your resolutions?” “What’s your word of the year?” “What are your goals for 2020?”


I’ve never been a big fan of this yearly tradition. Mainly because while I might feel good, even empowered, when I state a resolution/word-of-the-year/goal on December 31 or January 1, I typically fail to live up to whatever I said I had planned to do.

If I haven’t already failed my goals by the following week, I will completely have forgotten put them aside by the end of January.

A meme I saw on Facebook that I edited to perfectly describe my attempts at resolutions.

I admit, I have never successfully completed a New Year’s resolution. Heck, I don’t think I even made it to mid-year.

Some people do really well with making resolutions, committing to a word, or setting goals. They may even go as far to create vision boards, write journals, or post regular check-ins. They have a goal or a focus and they work towards it. And I applaud them for it.

But it’s not for me. Much like my attempts at daily journaling or writing regular blog posts.

And you know what? That’s okay.

Instead, I have simply decided that each year, I will strive to be my true self. I follow my heart. I find my passions. I try new things. I create. I write. I strive to learn more about my internal self and about the external world. Then at the end of the year, I reflect and see how much I’ve grown, learned, and changed. And for me, that’s much more effective and empowering than following a few stated resolutions.

So I say, to each their own. Don’t feel as if you have to follow convention. Set resolutions or don’t. Just whatever you do, be fearless and follow your heart.

Happy 2020!

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