What I Should Be Doing, But No

This is an unprecedented time in modern history. Life for many of us has gone sideways if not full-tilt upside down. I see all the stress, but I also see a lot of goodwill and hope.

But this is not a post about the craziness or goodwill or hope or even stress. This post is a bit of a confession.

This week, I have been teleworking. I don’t normally telework. I’m not a big fan of it as I like to keep my workspace separate from my home space. For me, home is for fun activities, like movies, jigsaw puzzles, pets, and, of course, books. Not for work stuff.

But in this time of social distancing, telework is the norm. Presumably, this will be my norm for the next couple of weeks.

Don’t get me wrong. I generally like what I do. But there is a reason work is called “work.” I prefer to leave work in my office where it belongs. I like and fully support a work-life balance and that starts with leaving work at work.

But given social distancing (which is proven to work and my introverted self fully supports), I’ve relented to telework during this situation.

That leads me to my confession.

In the couple of days that I have teleworked this week, I have appreciated the benefit of telework—the benefit of time saved.

My morning routine is a fraction of what it normally is because I’m not parking and walking to the office building, waiting in line to go through security, driving to the office, grabbing a coffee, making and eating breakfast, packing a lunch, or getting showered and dressed. (Of course, I’m wearing sweat pants to telework. My office luckily doesn’t do video conferences).

I estimate I am saving about 90 minutes just in the morning.

That means during breaks and lunch, I can throw a load of laundry in the washer. I can clean the bathroom. I can clean a load of dishes. I can sweep or vacuum the floor. I can take the dog for an extra walk.

In a fifteen-minute break, I can get done one of a hundred little chores that normally pile up waiting for me to do. Those little chores which usually don’t get done until Saturday. I mean, who wants to do chore work after commuting and sitting in an office all day?

No one, that’s who.

Moreover, I could do lot of non-chore, fun activities during breaks, lunch or heck, even before or after the “[tele]work day.” Because I’m already home and in my sweat pants.

So am I taking advantage of my newfound free time? Have I written anything (other than this post)? Have I worked on my manuscripts? Have I completed the jigsaw puzzle that’s been on the table for a week? Have I finished reading any books? Have I edited my friend’s book? I have organized my rather cluttered house?


I haven’t accomplished a darn thing except take the dog on an extra lunchtime walk and post some cute Instagram photos of him.

But I’m ever the optimist. It’s only Wednesday. And I wrote this post. Progress! So maybe tomorrow I’ll actually accomplish something more with all this time saved.

Just maybe.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “What I Should Be Doing, But No

  1. I completely understand I started telework this week and in my mind I was going to have more time where I could get things done and…well …I haven’t really done much. Don’t stress about it. With the world being crazy I think we may just need to veg out and not push it so much.

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