Spring Has Finally Arrive (Or Why I’m Dancing Today)

Today is the first warm day we’ve had since March roared in. When I took Dexter outside this morning, the temperature was already 55° and the high today is supposed to be a glorious 78°! Whee!

Since the weather is finally cooperating (thanks Mother Nature!), I feel like dancing. And one of my favorite dance music artists is Justin Timberlake.

Even better is the title of this song: Can’t Stop The Feeling!

[SoundCloud would only let me share a preview. But I hope it’s enough to get your foot tappin’.]

I hope you are having a great day. And if you’re not, put on some happy tunes and just dance until you feel it.

What songs or artists do you enjoy dancing to? Share your favorites in the comments below.


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The Naming of Things

You might have noticed that I tend to name inanimate objects. I have previously mentioned Frank, my FitbBit, in this post, and in this other post, I mentioned George, my beloved iMac, Sunny the wireless router (the network’s name is actually Sunnydale2Neptune – bonus points if you get the references), and Wilberforce, my work laptop (he’s a PC, not a Mac).

Up until recently, I never used their names in front of anyone. I thought I was weird (which is true) and felt that other people probably wouldn’t understand. I mean, hey, I know I’m quirky. I have a hard enough time finding people who truly “get” me, so I didn’t want to add to the challenge.

So for years, I simply called my things by name in the privacy of my own home (or car). Continue reading

Over Categorizing (Or Why Toy Companies Should Ditch Gender Labels)

I love to organize and categorize. I routinely organize my collections of my books, music, and coin collection. I have categorized my books by genre, color, alphabetically (by title or author, sometimes both). I get giddy at organizing. I cannot go into the Container Store unsupervised—it’s worse than me going unsupervised into a bookstore.

So I am all for organizing by category. Categorizing items makes finding them easier. But I can tell you that there is such a thing as over-categorizing.

Shocking, I know. But here’s what set me off on the over-categorization. Continue reading

A Crazy Step-Filled Week

This has been a rather crazy week. It was Monday, then I turned around and it’s Friday already.

Happy Friday!

As a result, I have slacked on posting this week. I could blame part of that on work. But while I may have been a bit busier than normal, that doesn’t excuse evenings and early morning writing.

What really happened was FitBit. More specifically, a FitBit workweek hustle challenge. Continue reading

How I Ended Up Here (or Starting Down One Path), Part 2

Last week I told part 1 of my journey. What I didn’t write was that I had already started down a path. A path I would eventually diverge from, which would lead me to where I am now. But at this point in the story, I am in my mid-twenties. I just finished the M.B.A. program and began walking down a path that

But at this point in the story, I am in my mid-twenties. I just finished the M.B.A. program and had already begun walking down a path that would take me to corporate America. Continue reading

Book Pile – March 3

Okay, I admit I’ve been a slacker because I said this would be a “regular” post. Although, in my defense, I said it would be “somewhat” a regular post. Then again, I haven’t done a weekly book pile since the last (and only) Book Pile post, which was on January 28. Despite the fact I’ve read 16 books since January 1, I’ve only reported on 3 of them. Hence I’m a slacker.

I know, I know. Bad booknerd! [slaps my own hand] Continue reading

How I Ended Up Here, Part 1 Side Note

I started writing about my journey a few days ago. I ended it at the point when I had just finished my graduate studies and had started down a path in my mid-twenties with a new M.B.A. in hand. In the narrative, I also shared a side note about one of my college mentors who had given me a bookmark with a quote on it.

Beyond stating that the quote still fits me, I didn’t give any explanation as to what the quote meant and continues to means to me. Hence, Part 1 Side Note. Continue reading