I’m Really Not a Slacker. Really.

You may have noticed that my postings have not been frequent as of late. I have a good reason and it’s not because of March Madness. Or because of spring fever. Or even because of books (although books are a perfectly fine excuse, sadly, it’s not the case this time.)

My beloved iMac George is dying. 

(Please, calling an iMac “Mac” is just too easy. Besides, he’s clearly a George.)

George has been a good computer. I bought him in 2011, and he’s done quite well, especially considering he’s survived 2 cross country trips. But the last couple months he just can’t keep connected to my wireless network (her name is Sunny). And I know it’s not the network because everything else, including my work laptop Wilberforce connects just fine. Even when I turn off everything else and it’s just George on the network, he keeps dropping the signal.

It’s rather frustrating.

On top of that, George experiences the spinning pinwheel of death more and more, often for no discernible reason. (If you’re not familiar with Apple, the spinning pinwheel of death, which looks like a rainbow pinwheel, occurs when your Mac experiences a
“temporary” delay.) Normally this isn’t a big deal. But lately, George has experienced spinning pinwheels rather regularly.

These issues make blogging on a web-based blogging platform rather difficult.

While George has clearly seen better days, I am trying to work on him to extend his life (cleaning files, removing unused apps, attempting to free up RAM, etc) and figure out the connectivity issues. My goal is to get him back to where he can once again be productive without me cursing at him.

So while we work on George’s issues, I may not post as much. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back in full blogging mode as soon as George is better.

If you work with iMacs, please feel free to give me any tips and suggestions to help save George in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “I’m Really Not a Slacker. Really.

  1. Wishing George a speedy recovery! I am afraid I don’t own an iMac and therefore can’t help, but will keep my fingers crossed and root for George to get better soon 🙂
    (Is Wilberforce named after Bertie Wilbeforce Wooster?)


    1. Why yes, he is named after Bertie Wilberforce Wooster. Gold star for you for getting that reference! I love P.G. Wodehouse & I loved the TV adaptation with Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry.


      1. I must confess that I am quite addicted to Plum myself (and loved the TV adaptation as well)! I am glad I spotted the reference!
        I am sure you know that at the DSL there was at least one Professor who was also very fond of P.G. Wodehouse. Either way, I am sure you will find this post quite amusing: http://www.pgwodehousesociety.org.uk/remsenburg.html
        P.S. They were on their way to my wedding in Southampton, NY. 😉


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