Retracting My Previous “Not a Slacker” Post

Monday, I posted about how I’m really not a slacker. I argued that even though I hadn’t been posting frequently, I wasn’t a slacker.

Well it’s not even Friday, and I have to retract the part about not being a slacker.

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Here is what’s happened since Monday.

My friend AM & I share a love of all things pens.

That’s right, I said pens. Yes, it may seem a bit nerdy (okay, really nerdy), but there are those of us in this world who get giddy over new pens, different kinds of paper, journals, and planners. We believe there will always be a new favorite pen to discover and new exciting journals to write in. We will never have enough journals or pens. And our favorite websites are ones like JetPens, The Pen Addict, and The Well-Appointed Desk (which AM introduced me to).

So when AM got new Moleskine Cahier Journals this week, she, of course, showed me. Because yes, pen-nerds get excited over new journals. But then she took it to the next level. She told me her new journals were to keep tracking charts, and showed me said charts.

That’s right. She’s being all responsible and organized tracking various things. Like making sure she gets 10K steps a day (she makes a yearly step goal and then logs each day’s steps against the yearly goal. If that sounds impressive, it’s because it is.), powering down all electronics by 8:30 pm to make time for things like reading or coloring, remembering to floss each night, tracking her spending, and various other things. And her charts allows her to track these things by month.

In other words, she’s being all adult. Whereas half of the time I can’t even remember to put Fitbit Frank back on my wrist after charging him. (It’s an ongoing struggle that Frank and I have.)

So because I have no charts (although the thought of buying new journals to do charts does give me joy), I remain mostly unorganized, which makes me feel like a slacker.

And this is what has lead me to retract Monday’s post. Because while I may be a slacker, I’m an honest one. (Of course, the upside to all this slacking in the face of those around me who are adulting better than me is that I have posted more this week than in the last two, so there’s that. HA!)

But for now, I shall embrace my lack of adulting, revel in my slackerness, and with the time I saved from not charting, go forth and nap.

Do you fall into the slacker category (like me) or the organized category? Tell me about your organization strategies, or lack thereof, in the comments below.

Bonus points for those of you who also share a love of all things pens.

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