Post-30: The Number Results

Saturday I went for my post-Whole30 DEXA scan (read more about my month of Whole 30). After 30 days on the Whole30, even with my failures, I lost 8 pounds and 2% body fat.

I consider that a huge win.

As a result, I will be sticking with the habits I started this past month. While I’ll be adding some of the things I eliminated during the Whole30, like hummus, I will (mostly) keep added sugar out of my diet (gotta have the occasional piece of chocolate), eat mostly whole foods, and avoid processed foods. More salad, less bread.

On top of that, while my step count has been good (today was a 10k before 10 am day), I plan on upping my weight training and doing longer yoga sessions. And maybe find a new place to swim. Swimming laps is a combination of fitness and meditation for me.

You know they say it takes 28 days to form new habits. The idea being to be if you can make it through the initial conditioning phase, it becomes much easier to sustain. And it also helps if you have a buddy, someone at least to keep you accountable.

I made it through 30 days of Whole30. It wasn’t easy, I admit I slipped, but in the end, I did it. I started some new good habits and had some success.

What changes have you wanted to make or what have you been wanting to start? Write a novel? Start a fitness program? Read more? Start a meditation program? Whatever your goal, I challenge you to give it a go for 30 days. Tell a buddy and see what you can achieve in only 4 weeks.

What have you been wanting to start? The first step is telling someone, then make a plan, so tell me in the comments below.



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